Saturday, 27 February 2010


p r e d a p o c a l y p t o
a poemstory by toure

a.k.a: inspired by the film of the same name

a.k.a: coming together with smoke glass and jaguar

there was this matrix
that was a monster in a tree whose vines were like snakes
next to a trap of sinking sand
after i became blue(ish),
just as i was beginning to worship the eclipse,
the monster made me prey
but i am jaguar paw (i am), and this is my forest
the monster's eyes are then like mine are now
as are the forest, i suppose,
and the snake, which was actually a vine snaking up a tree
next to a trap of sinking sand
somehow suddenly all around
now, i became dark, i saw
and the monster and i danced and laughed
at who the hell we were

1 comment:

  1. Hi. Very interesting, because I created clip with similar movies :) but I have not seen your clips before. Synchromisticism, indeed :) Here is that clip :)